National Presto Electric Tea Kettle Review

National Presto Electric Tea Kettle We enjoy writing about kettles and this site plans to offer a one stop place for sharing everything about electrical kettles. When it is about releasing in-depth reviews of your favourite kettles, comparing top kettles or determining on the best way to pick the best kettle, we’ll have all the info on this particular Blog.

Since tons of our readers will be involved to understand about what’re leading electric tea kettles in the market, we would choose to review a tea kettle rather than water kettle and need to know about their advantages and disadvantages.

Here we’re presenting you an indepth review about National Presto Electric Tea Kettle.

Is it Different Compared To a Water Kettle?

Well, there’s no much difference except that the tea kettle was made in this style so that it has a number of versions to include infuser for brewing loose leaf or bag tea and steeping of tea.

The tea kettle now we’re reviewing is an electrically powered device which allows you to steep tea (free/bag) and relish your favourite tea served hot in minutes.

Read the feature of Presto 02704 Heat ‘n Steep Electric Tea Kettle


Presto tea kettle is nicely designed, and we mean the shape of the body as well as the handle makes it extremely easy to put up and use.

This device holds up to 5 cups of tea or water. Base of the kettle consists of stainless steel and the interior is made of plastic.

It’s a colour coded temperature guide which allows you to understand the temperature requirements for various kinds of tea.

In addition, you have a timer supplied to restrict the boiling time based on requirement ( of course according to temperature control panel’s indicated timings). Due to integration of characteristics that are preceding, Presto do well in design section.

Ease of Use

We believe the kettle is really straight forward to utilize.

All you have to do would be to switch on the teapot by running it to electric source and place the water in the kettle and on the basis of the tea you’re making, (black/green/oolong), set the timer. Then place and await the timer to alarm you.

Afterwards, you can switch the electricity off. Your hot tea is prepared to be served and appreciated !

What Customers Say about that Kettle?

3 Points Customers Like this Teapot

  • Great operation : Time-to-boiling point is fast
  • Handy timer and temperature suggestion panel
  • Great design

3 Things Customers Did Not Enjoy about this Teapot

  • Short cord : A lot of folks complained about short cord length
  • The kettle inside is plastic: This feature wasn’t liked by some people
  • Lacks an ON/OFF switch: You’ll only switch off the energy source to switch off the kettle.


  • The kettle rapidly boils water/tea and has excellent design.
  • Has a good infusion bucket.
  • Temperature suggestion panel/timer assists you to set the temperature based on the kind of tea one is preparing.
  • Great pricing


  • Kettle isn’t cordless and the cord supplied is short in length. Indoors of kettle is plastic (only base is stainless steel)


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Presto Electric Tea Kettle

Presto 02704 Heat ‘n Steep Electric Tea Kettle Customer Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 3.9

A lot of customers love the kettle. The steeping basket is a good, fine mesh. Very little mess at the bottom with finer-cut leaf teas, and none at all with the larger leaf teas. I am very pleased with the purchase. I would highly recommend this kettle. This is a great product and comes with options for oulong, herbal, and green tea’s. Awesome product!So I believe this item can meet your requirement and make your life easier.

Presto Electric Tea Kettle

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