Michael Graves Electric Kettle Review

Michael Graves Electric Kettle Electric kettles are great that you’ll have the ability to warm the liquids. The liquids won’t be contaminated, and you get a stainless steel kettle and you’ll be able to enjoy quality tea or coffee or hot servings that are various.

The heat retention can be good so that the liquids may be used for an extended time. So you will have great convenience, Michael Graves Electric Kettle includes user friendly features.





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Product Features and Information

  • Michael Graves Electric Kettle is an electrical kettle that was created by Michael Graves in 2002.
  • It is made by 18/10 stainless steel. The unit has a bird whistle as well as a handle too. The unit will shut down, once the water boils.
  • The measurements of the unit are 11″ x 11″ x 10.8″. The weight of the unit is 4 lbs.
  • The kettle is prepared on the design that has sold numerous items before. The little power is consumed by this unit and you can use it withou any problem.
  • The water will be boiled very fast.
  • The item is quite attractive. The kettle will switch off, even if the fowl cap isn’t in place. Nevertheless, it’s going to take long time to get the same.
  • There are not any fitting issues with the electrical kettle. The kettle will match the base quite readily. No jiggling is needed with the kettle.
  • The kettle is much superior to other versions. The plastic within the kettle is a little concern. It’ll provide you with long life if you use the kettle in safe operating conditions.
  • You can definitely make the most from your cash. Michael Graves Electric Kettle is a helpful item within the kitchen. You could have coffee, top quality tea and assorted hot liquids. The portion is not difficult.
  • Because of user-friendly features, Michael Graves Electric Kettle is easy to use. The heat retention is not bad. Therefore, it will be used for different occasions. You may not need to reheat for an long time. Hot liquids could be enjoyed without compromising the flavor.
  • The unit may be cleaned quite easily. Hot savor can be planned by you with Michael Graves Electric Kettle. You are able to take advantage of great discounts by purchasing the item through Amazon.


  • Automatic shut down – When liquid or the water reaches the boiling temperature, the electrical mechanism will shut down.
  • Great design – the great architect, Michael Graves designs the merchandise. It was the reinterpretation of the most popular kettle that was initially designed in 1988.
  • Top quality steel – the body of the kettle is organized with high quality stainless-steel. The contents will certainly likely not be stale and WOn’t be polluted.
  • Power consumption – The power consumption of the unit is quite less.


  • Machine wash not allowed – Michael Graves Electric Kettle must not undergo machine wash. It will feel the cautious hand wash.
  • Large size – The kettle size is quite large. It inhabits lots of space.


  • Outstanding design which utilizes high quality steel material.
  • Auto shutdown feature.
  • Kettle is extremely user friendly and uses up less power


  • Kettle is somewhat large in size as well as machine wash isn’t allowed.


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Michael Graves Electric Kettle

Alessi MG32AZ/USA Michael Graves Electric Kettle Customer Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 3.8

Our customers buy this kettle and uses it everyday. It boils water quickly and is really attractive. But the only one a lot of customers feedback is its price that is really expensive compared to other electric kettles, but you’re paying for the design, and the design is pretty awesome. I believe you will like it.


I believe that Michael Graves Electric Kettle can meet your requirement, if you’re buying simple and efficient electrical kettle. The kettle gets heated very rapidly and it’s completely functional. The greatest portion of the electric kettle is the fact that it has a great design and form factor.

Due to functionality of the kettle, it can work well in daily life. Michael Graves Electric Kettle will certainly serve your requirements in an effortless manner. It really has the ability to save your time and effort though the unit is quite expensive.

Michael Graves Electric Kettle

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