How to Make French Press Tea

French Press Tea A French press is typically utilized for making coffee, but these awesome little appliances can also be utilized for making a tasty mug of tea with leaves. Here is the perfect option for individuals who discover devices and tea infuser balls frustrating to clean up and to fill. If you just don’t have a teapot or an infuser, it’s also a great solution. French presses are available in various sizes. A few of them are rather big, so utilizing one benefits brewing large batches of tea in a time.

Then the answer is yes without any doubt, if you’ve been considering buying among these and questioning if you might utilize it to create a good cup of tea too. Deciding to create tea in a french-press is a superb strategy since it’s never ever a bad thing to get something which is multipurpose in your kitchen.

How To Make French Press Tea

Making tea in a French media is truly easy. Utilize this fast and simple tutorial to discover ways to utilize a French press for tea. You’ll already be an expert, after making it once and you can also read our Electric Kettle Guide.

1. Clean your press— if you have currently utilized your French press for coffee, it is essential to clean it well in advance, otherwise you’re going to be entrusted a cup of tea that is polluted with coffee flavoring. Before starting remove all the coffee residue and grounds.

2. Filling the carafe with boiling water— Use just the amount of water you require for and numerous cups of tea you plan to serve/drink.

3. Add leaves — Allow them to steep for however long, depending upon your tea of option and Put your preferred amount of leaves into the pot.

4. Plunge— When your tea has actually completed soaking, just much lower the plunger, however do not compress the leaves. You will be left by squashing the leaves at the end of the press with a bitter, unappetizing cup. You ought to be utilizing the plunger as a way to stress the leaves from entering your cup, and keep them.

5. Serve– Pour all the brewed tea into a separate pot or into cups. You wish to eliminate the liquid from the leaves, otherwise you run the risk of oversteeping and your tea will certainly be bitter and far too strong. Brewing tea in a French press is easy, however it’s also easy to totally destroy your pot by oversteeping, so never ever avoid this step.

French Press for Tea: Great Options

If you want to go ahead and give this a try, but you don’t already own one, here are two great options to use as a tea French press. Both of these are affordable and can be easily purchased online by following the links included.

Bodum Chambord Press

Bodum Chambord Press

The carafe on this press is made from durable, heat resistant glass. It’s large enough to make up to 8 cups. The framing is stainless steel and the handle is heat resistant. All of the parts are completely dishwasher safe.








Grosche Premium French Press

Grosche Premium French Press

This is a great product for making French press tea. There are a number of various size options to choose from, depending on your preference, with the Grosche Premium Press. The carafe is made from borosilicate glass and it’s housed in chrome. This is probably one of the most attractive presses available. The lid can be turned to close the spout and retain heat. There are even replacement carafes that can be purchased, but hopefully that won’t be necessary!

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